Review 'Quality of Education' Week in Amsterdam

Review 'Quality of Education' Week in Amsterdam

The Netherlands - and in particular Amsterdam and the other major cities - is ready for a new education system. A system that is closely connected to the community of which the school is a part. The community consists of the parents of the children and all social organizations that are active in the neighborhood. STWT wants to take the lead in this.

'We believe that this new system makes the teaching profession much more attractive and gives it more prestige.'

A new educational system

A re-organisation of education, connected to the community, also offers opportunities to reduce the teacher shortage in a different way. People who are currently on sick leave because they fell outside the boat of the old system would now have a chance to have a meaningful place in such a new educational system.

In our new system there would be more room for other functions than in traditional primary education. We would remove the pressure from the teachers, creating room to resume training teachers within the schools and to build the communities. In addition, there is more room for support staff in the new system, such as timetablers and bridge officials. In part, it concerns new positions for which no training exists, as this can happen on the job.

The transition to the new system would not happen automatically. This requires structural (financial) resources and there must be room for new positions. These development costs cannot be estimated at this time. STWT wants to start a pilot for this and requests a breeding ground budget for this. In addition, perseverance is needed to establish the necessary connections. These connections will be anchored in agreements with the social partners. It is not yet clear how large the requested budget will be. But it will be an investment that pays off socially in the long term. The African saying “it takes a village to raise a child” acquires a new meaning for us: “it takes a community to raise a child”. But the reverse is also true: it takes a child to raise a community.

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Article written by Simoon Fransen & Joke Middelbeek 

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